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Rayson Tan majored in Communication Design from LASALLE SIA College of The Arts in Singapore. In 2005, he won the Red Dot Design Concept, an international award on making products with good design. Although he initially started out as a graphic designer, Rayson has a penchant for designing fashion accessories and eventually evolve into a fashion brand, that does designer womenswear and menswear. Since the inception of L'ILE AUX ASHBY, his masterpieces have been featured in the local and international media including VOGUE, VOGUE Italia, Glamour UK, Surface Asia, W Korea, Harper's Bazaar Brasil, Marie Claire Italy, uMag,, CNNGo,, Notjustalabel, The New York Times, Global Blue and the lists goes on.

陈建隆 , 毕业于拉塞尔艺术学院 LASALLE College of the Arts,主修通讯设计 Communication Design。在2005年,他荣获 Red Dot Design Concept Award。他坚信设计会让生活环境画龙点晴。他认为:“创意设计保卫着我们、启迪我们,让我们的生活有冲击。我深信好的设计会让人对周围的人事物改观。周围的世界让我着迷也是我的灵感来源,我心往我的设计能打开你眼睑的面纱,让你重新看这个世界。

2005: Red Dot Design Concept Award
2009 - 2011: Parco Fashion Incubator, Singapore
2011: Blueprint Trade Show

2012: Seoul Fashion Week F/W
2012: Born Designers, France
2012: Blueprint Trade Show 

2013: Seoul Fashion Week S/S
2013: Digital Fashion Week

2013: Pedro Collaboration

2020: To be continue....



January, 2006

Creative Director: Rayson Tan

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