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LIUYIN curates culture, design and lifestyle in contemporary China for a collective of like-minded people, institutions, galleries and brands.

Liuyin is a way of seeing the world, a way of building and engaging with community, a new kind of retail experience and a response to the evolving lifestyle culture in contemporary China.It is a truly global platform that seeks to bride the gap between ‘niche’ products, practices and brands, and an emerging lifestyle consumer market.

Through our collaborations, we seek to contribute to alternative and sustainable modes of production and consumption — ones rooted in knowledge and exchange — while providing creative business solutions for those entering the Chinese market.

We produce concepts and experiences from and for China, by providing 360 degree creative and communication services to like-minded people, institutions, galleries and brands.



Beijing & Guangzhou, China


Aug, 2019

Design and Branding: Rayson Tan 

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