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Virgil Abloh designs doormats, umbrellas and slippers for Off-White HOME collection

Umbrellas, dressing gowns and doorstops are reimagined in the style of fashion brand Off-White for this collection of items for the home designed by Virgil Abloh.

A translucent umbrella and colourful umbrella stand

Released in partnership with online marketplace 1st Dibs, Off-White's HOME collection includes 80 new products designed for the entrance, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

"For this special collection, I've taken familiar items in the home and produced them in a way akin to my personal signatures prioritising craftsmanship – celebrating the ideals of both the sophisticated modernity of Off-White and the timeless luxury of the 1st Dibs shopping experience," said Virgil Abloh.

Doormats, umbrellas and umbrella stands feature in HOME

HOME includes three doormats with two rectangular designs featuring the brand's logo and another emblazoned with the text "OFF" written in two opposing directions.

Umbrellas are available in a range of opacities and black, and white tones, which are offset by blue text trademarking and the caption "insert sunshine here". A cylindrical umbrella stand comes in a contrasting bright red tone with huge holes cut into it.

There are three types of branded doormats

Kitchenware comes in black or marbled white

Pops of colour are brought into the otherwise monotone series through bright orange "HOME" labels that are attached to the slippers, towels and dressing gowns.

Kitchenware, which includes a mug, glass, water jug, lunch set, breakfast set and ashtray, is in either a bold black or marbled white finish or covered in sketches. A grey table runner is patterned with black Off-White arrows.

Series also includes a hand mirror, brush, comb and toothbrush

Mohair throw blankets and pillows are among items for the living room, while reimagined designs for the bathroom are a hand mirror, brush, comb and toothbrush. The latter come in a marbled Havana acetate with gold detailing.

Other smaller items to be used throughout the house are a wooden doorstop peppered with holes and a black and white clock featuring the Off-White hand logo at the 12 o'clock.

There is also a wooden doorstop

Abloh founded his Off-White brand as a ready-to-wear streetwear label in 2012. The designer, who is also the artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear collection, previously created a collection of homeware for furniture giant IKEA, which included emblazoned rugs and bedding.

An orange label pops against black and white slippers

Off-White has opened a number of new stores this year, including a flagship sore in Miami Design District that Abloh designed with AMO director Samir Bantal to act as a fulfilment centre and a multipurpose events space.

It also recently opened its first store in Milan where natural materials add warmth to white walls broken by Patagonia granite cabinets.

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