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Rémy Martin presents "Mid-Autumn Festival Homesick".

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. Rémy Martin, an expert in high-quality Champagne Cognac, has launched two new limited-edition gift boxes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. With the legendary wine clinking moment, the tasters are inspired to become "homesick" with their families, Friends toast to share the splendor of the sparkling full moon.

The two distinctive Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes are packaged in gold and silver, supplemented by bright red, white and green colors, giving the classic wine the finishing touch. The gorgeous fireworks and golden auspicious clouds in the background set off the peaceful meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival; in the Remy Martin Manor, the grapes are growing on the fertile chalk soil, the small copper stills extract the grape essence, and the oak barrels filled with the water of life are in Cellaring in historical wine cellars... The legendary "epic" story of Cognac meets traditional Chinese festivals, very graceful.

Inspired by the epic Cognac legend, Remy Martin released the 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival limited edition gift box. When the moon is full, love is deep. Remy Martin XO Premium Champagne Cognac 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition is like a clear amber full moon, witnessing all kinds of wonderful Mid-Autumn Festivals in thousands of households.

Animation by 修艺.

Sub-shot of the Animation Story Boarding Design: Richard Xu | Works


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