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Felipe Pantone Designs One-Off 'INTR3PID' Carbon Cub Airplane

Felipe Pantone recently took to Instagram to unveil a dynamic bespoke design on a Carbon Cub lightweight airplane manufactured by Washington-based Cub Crafters. The Spanish artist was in talks to create an original abstract piece with the plane’s owners, Joan Escribá, and Joan Comas, as early as last year. The Carbon Cub is touted as the highest performance adventure aircraft in the world.

The resulting work is a dynamic composition titled INTR3PID that features geometric shapes, gradients and lines in various vivid hues. “Lightweight and powerful, the INTR3PID livery designed by Felipe Pantone seems to enhance the dynamic properties of the classic Piper Super Cub, an American light aircraft first built in 1938, on which the Carbon Cub is based,” as per a statement. “Felipe Pantone created a bespoke design, a glove-like fit in this classic that intensifies the sense of speed and dynamism.”

Pantone’s INTR3PID design follows his INTEGRATION SYSTEM P#01 artwork that allows users to design their own pieces using 5,642 different configurations. Get a closer look at the airplane above and then follow Felipe Pantone on Instagram to view more of his projects.


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