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MAD Museum (ART NOW Sg)

Creative development for MAD Museum launch with external
Design agency. Launch for MAD series of Artist's Interviews.

Co-curate with Founder Ms Jasmine Tay for the MAD Launch at
10 Tanglin

MAD Museum of Art & Design (Re brand to ART NOW Sg in year 2020)

In only five years, Singapore's very first private museum has become a name often associated with the most refreshing line up of events and exhibitions that celebrate the best of art, design and culture. The award-winning Museum of Art & Design is centered greatly on making art accessible to the masses, educating, exciting and extending the word of art and collectible design to people from of walks of life. It has strongly supported emerging Asian artists, promoting their unique styles as they gain international recognition from critics, art lovers as well as academics. The Museum continues to be a nurturing space where ideas and new art concepts are generated; an environment that is conducive to endless creativity and change. Now, with a newer, much bigger and more exciting venue, there will be more opportunities for the local art and design scene to flourish. In addition, with a cigar and whisky bar as well as family-friendly cafe, the Museum hopes to enhance the visitor's experience by providing not only a larger space that is art-centric but also a dynamic event venue. its garden 'Art of Sculpture' is dedicated to bigger art pieces as well as special outdoor events. For those looking to host their events here, its modular space of 19,000 sq. ft. means flexibility and ease in customizing the right amount of space for any occasion. Be it an intimate wedding, a business conference or a big show to launch a product, there will also be a comprehensive suite of services on offer to cater for different needs to make the day special and memorable.

For more artist interviews, head over to youtube 



MAD Museum of Art & Design


Creative Development:  
Rayson Tan

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